Come enjoy Cody Community Theatre's production of Annie!

Live at Wynona Thompson Auditorium November 11-13 @ 7:00 and the 14 @ 12. 


CCT Presents

Annie- Jillian Nordberg

Molly- Felicity Soto

Pepper- Haileigh Moore

Duffy- Soleil LaVigne

July- Milli Sanchez

Tessie- Jaida Brice

Kate - Sara Murray

Warbucks- Dan Smith

Grace- Kennedy Corr

Miss Hannigan- Jessika Aalbregt

Rooster- Jake Murray

Lily- Aili Roberson

Drake- Sean Murray

Bundles- Craig Pierce

Cabinet- Ickees- Kieran Beebe

Perkins- Melinda Soto

Hull- Craig Pierce

Cecille-Tessa Hernandez

Annette- Harmony Hagan

Mrs. Greer- Emmalee Beardall

Mrs.Pugh- Bethea Kalenak

Burt Healy- Justin Weigand

Boylan Sisters- Harmony Boyd

Taylor Mariani

Aili Roberson

Wacky- Melinda Soto

Jimmy Johnson- Craig Pierce

Sound f x man- Kieran Beebe


Lt. Ward- Derrick Walton

Dog Catcher- Jake Murray

Assistant Dog Catcher- Aili Roberson

Apple seller- Tessa Hernandez

Sophie- Bethia Kalenak

Woman 1- Melinda Soto

Woman 2- Cherokee Barger

Man 1- Craig Pierce

Man 2 - Sean Murray

Man 3- Kieran Beebe

Man 4- Justin Weigand

Others- Trisha Lightman, Sylie Black, Emmalee Beardall, Harmony Hagan


Cop- Derrick Walton

Usherette- Trisha Lightman

Star to be- Drew Murray

Kids- Sylie Black, and 1 more

Others- Tessa Hernandez, Bethia Kalenak, Melinda Soto, Cherokee Barger, Craig Pierce, Kieran Beebe, Justin Weigand, Emmalee Beardall, Harmony Hagan, Kristen LaBazzo

Congratulations everyone!

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